Dining Hall, Edinburgh
The Fringe, Edinburgh
The Sports Bar, Glasgow


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Delaware North Companies

Delaware North Companies (DNC) are a global hospitality management company working in all sectors worldwide and in the UK providing hospitality, catering, food and beverage operations at Wembley, Emirates and Pride Park Stadiums. When DNC moved into the airport sector after they secured a series of tender opportunities with BAA they appointed Thornton-Firkin to act as their cost consultants.

Thornton-Firkin have subsequently been involved with high quality food and beverage fit outs in Heathrow, Gatwick, Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports. This included extremely quick fit out projects during the winter months with strict completion deadlines within areas open continuously to the public and in areas that are highly sensitive to security issues. A number of the units were also located 'airside' which ensures that specific regulations and constraints must be adhered to. The projects include :-

  • Dining Street Restaurant – T4, Heathrow
  • En Toast – Gatwick
  • The Gathering Bar and Grill and 'island' offer – Edinburgh
  • The Fringe Wine Bar, Edinburgh
  • Thermidors – Edinburgh
  • Landside development comprising Sports Bar and Grille, First Stop Cafe, Fresh Food Central and Deli, Glasgow