Entrance to Wellington College Library
Cellular Area, Wellington College Library
Seating Area, Wellington College Library


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Wellington College, Library

Refurbishment and remodelling of Grade II listed library building within the central part of Wellington College to provide a modern teaching and study facility including state of the art IT and Audio Visual equipment, whilst maintaining the historic context of its setting.

The library has been divided into a series of spaces or zones reflecting The Eight Aptitudes (Linguistic, Logical, Cultural, Physical, Spiritual, Moral, Personal and Social) which Wellington College use in their commitment to the all round education and development of each pupil’s individual gifts. The lighting installation allows these various zones to be lit in different colours. Some of the zones contain the very latest interactive eBoards which combine the simplicity of conventional whiteboards with the power of computer.

The existing library was also extended to provide an enclosed colonnade in keeping with the open colonnades around Princes Quad which it overlooks. The colonnade is glazed with non-reflective glass to give the illusion of an external area although it is internal.

Thornton-Firkin provided Employer’s Agent and Quantity Surveying services on the project.