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Newspaper & IndustrialNews Corporation Eurocentral, Glasgow

News Corporation Eurocentral, Glasgow

News International’s Eurocentral plant was a £56 million investment on a 5.7ha site at Motherwell, Scotland. The facility was opened by Scotland's First Minister, the Rt. Hon. Alex Salmond and News Corporation chairman/CEO Rupert Murdoch. The purpose built plant houses a triple-wide manroland Colorman XXL press and at the time of installation had the distinction of being the largest and fastest newspaper printing press in the world, printing a 144 pg tabloid at speeds up to 86,000 copies an hour

News International’s goal was to become the best newspaper manufacturer in the world. To achieve this aim they incorporated leading edge technology into the building; as well as the largest and fastest press they also installed automated Aurosys reel handling, Agfa computer-to-plate lines, Ferag paper delivery equipment and DAN palletisers. The overall capacity is 172,000 newspaper copies per hour.

The building to encompass this equipment has a 4,200 m2 floor area and is constructed to a very high specification and design standard incorporating highly complex mechanical and electrical services installations.

Thornton-Firkin were initially appointed to use their 25 year track record in Newspaper projects to review the initial designs and to assist with bringing the building costs to within acceptable budgets. Our appointment was then extended to provide full project and cost management through to full newspaper production, including coordination with all the various equipment suppliers.  The project was successfully completed on time and within budget.